As part of my MA final project I designed the book of my New York memoir in three formats: trade paperback, ebook, and handbound.
Back Row Brighton 
QueenSpark Books is a local community publisher, specialising in oral histories of Brighton. As art director, I coordinated a group of design volunteers, and trained them in Adobe InDesign. It was my role to oversee the design process and ultimately bring the parts together into a coherent whole. 
Somewhere in California. Available at
The Typography of Michael Ninness.
I was commissioned to design this book as gift. Friends of Michael each contributed a letter along with a short passage celebrating his qualities. These are a few sample pages.
A series of book covers created to accompany the course Designing a Book Cover.
Type Porn
A work in progress. A collaboration with Alex Hoggarth, Type Porn is just that: explicit images of letters, shot head on and in close up.
The debut novel from Edward White. Available at the Amazon kindle store.
The Usual Life of Fruits Trees: front cover, back cover and spine.
The second novel by Edward White. Available on the Amazon Kindle Sore.
Five Days in New York.
A photo essay of a trip that coincided with Hurricane Sandy.
Sample spreads from Five Days in New York.
London Letters. A Personal Alphabet of the City.
Notable pieces of type from famous London sites.

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